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February 2018
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Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management was established in 2010 and is under  the umbrella Faculty of Business Administration (FBA). The department was established to meet the demand of the growing tourism industry in Tanzania.

Background of the Department

According to the Tourism Master Plan (April, 2002), Tanzania has not yet reached its full potential and is behind several neighboring countries especially in East Africa. For example, Kenya is able to sell the complete range of holiday combinations and gets a larger share of the market. Despite the industry’s “honey pots” in the Northern Wildlife Area, new areas and new tourism products must be developed if the industry is to expand. Tanzania has a wealth of natural, cultural and man-made attractions in all parts of the country which are untapped from the standpoint of tourism development. Read More ….


To be the center of scientific tourism and hospitality development.


To provide quality tourism and hospitality education, training and consultancy through the creation of products, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.

Long Term Goal

To be a leading base for tourism and hospitality education, training and consultancy in East Africa, Africa and the world.

Short Term Goals

  • To provide tourism and hospitality stakeholders with insights on different opportunities available in the industry.
  • To ensure a fair trade in tourism in and outside East Africa through education, training and consultancy.
  • To be a model for both tour operations and tourism product development and management.
  • To develop Events Management Skills for seminars, short courses, forums, cultural festivals in the university, Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa and world at large.
  • To be a model for catering service development and management.


List of articles in Eastern African Journal of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Volume 1 #1 to Volume 3 #2

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Exploring Mwanza with SAUT Students and Alumni

Exploring Mwanza with SAUT Students and Alumni

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The Hospitality of Abraham Students

The Hospitality of Abraham Students

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Workshop on Canvas Model

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Taraiya Thomas

Title: Contribution of wildlife tourism to community development: a case study of Longido District Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the wildlife...