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SAUTTO is an abbreviation of Saint Augustine University of Tanzania Tourism Student Organization. It is a membership organisation consisting of tourism students, students from other SAUT faculties and faculty members who are interested in tourism studies. The student organization, SAUTTO, is under the university administration.

Objectives of the SAUTTO

  • To promote tourism at the regional, national and the international levels.
  • To protect student’s interest and needs in all aspects of their specialization.
  • To organize and participate in tourism activities in collaboration with the department.
  • Creating the good relationship between SAUTTO and the Tourism stakeholders.
  • To enable professional development skills through various events such as debates, motions, exhibition etc
  • To create friendship with other universities, colleges, schools inside and outside the country that preaches Tourism as well as the stakeholders concerning Tourism activities.

Functions of SAUTTO

  • To organize events such as debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, & study tours in order to enhance students’ intellectual and social awareness.
  • To publish various articles through journals, books, newspapers, magazines, recordings and other means to present the information related to tourism to the public.
  • To initiate sponsorship and/or undertake activities for the benefit of her members.

Membership Categories of SAUTTO

Full Membership

Every student at the St Augustine University of Tanzania that studies Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management has a full membership of the organization. For a student, to be a member is obliged to pay for an agreed membership fee and participate in all SAUTTO activities. The SAUTTO membership is terminated when a member is deceased, shifts the course, graduates or unfortunately ceases to be the student of SAUT.

Associate Membership:

Staff from the department of tourism and local and international tourism stakeholders

Practical Activities of SAUTTO

  • To organize tours of Butiama – the birthplace of Julius Nyerere – especially to celebrate his 88th birthday on 13 April, 2010 including preparation of pre-tour lecture materials, catering, transportation and publicity. Contact will be made with officials at the destination.
  • To make a map of SAUT campus complex.
  • To make attractive posters and place them around the campus, for example: collages based on a specific theme.
  • To organize Sunday walks in the various hills around Mwanza for SAUT students to find good trekking routes for tourists.
  • To give a Film Series with films about tourism and invite SAUT students plus Mwanza area tourism professionals.
  • To prepare materials for the Karibu Tourism Task Force especially a brochure promoting the program to recruit new students.
  • To help the Mwanza Tourism Task Force [MTTF] implement its plans for tourism development in Mwanza including helping to develop the Tourism Information Office [TIO] in downtown Mwanza.
  • To host a round table discussion on important issues related to tourism in Mwanza.
  • To prepare materials to educate people on the importance and impact of tourism using a multi-disciplinary approach by cooperating with other faculties.
  • To help in recruiting new students for the degree program.
  • To organize a cultural tourism night in which students from various parts of Tanzania will perform their local dances and music.
  • To prepare materials about program for SAUT website.


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