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Abraham Scholars

February 2020
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Abraham Scholarship Program

Abraham is consisted a model of someone on a faith journey especially for Jews, Christians and Moslems. Moreover his hospitality to three strangers at Mamre has made him the “patron saint” of hospitality for religious people. Consequently, SAUT is offering the opportunity to Tanzanian young people who feel the call to begin a lifelong journey in the form of a career in tourism and hospitality. Where this journey will lead, who will be met along the way, what one will be doing, when one arrives and departs, and how one will serve others are all unanswered questions before beginning.

Unfortunately there are many capable and intelligent young Tanzanian who feel motivated to undertake this journey but lack the financial resources to obtain the education and training needed to become a modern day tourism professional. Fortunately, many unselfish people have been willing to contribute to the establishment of funds to support the three year undergraduate education available at St. Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum to prepare to be the flexible and adaptable for a lifelong career in tourism and hospitality.

This announcement is being made in the hopes of attracting students who are called to this career in tourism. They must have good character and integrity, discipline, dedication as well as intelligence required to complete a demanding three year undergraduate program. In addition, they must be willing to participate in practical exercises to acquire the various skills needed to be a successful tourism professional in the Tanzanian and also global economy. Consequently, the selection process will require candidates to submit proof that they are worthy of becoming Abraham Scholars. The practical exercises including working at the Abraham House of Hospitality, the Abraham Bakery Company, the SAUT Lecturers’ restaurant at Abraham House of Hospitality, research assistance in the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, updating the Department website, organizing MICE [Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition] events and serving as tour guides on and off the SAUT campus.

To be accepted as an Abraham Scholars at SAUT a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be accepted as a student in the BScT program.
  • Fill out the special application form.
  • Write a brief autobiography explaining an interest in becoming a tourism professional.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation from a religious leader [such as a priest, sister, Brother, minister, or imam], a teacher and a parent.
  • Be personally interviewed.
  • The application form for SAUT is available on the SAUT website at http://www.saut.ac.tz or at the office of the  HoD of Tourism & Hospitality Department on the Malimbe campus of SAUT in Mwanza.

Abraham Scholars Conditions

The recipients must:

  • Complete a full study program during the course of the fund
  • Not hold another scholarship at the same time as the Abraham Scholars Fund
  • Complete their study within three years
  • See the academic adviser for consultation
  • Understand that the fund may be terminated if the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management becomes aware of the pregnancy (for female recipient) and irresponsible sexual conduct (for male recipient)
  • Complete all projects assigned by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management (tour guiding, bakery company, MICE, etc) and incomplete tasks may compromise the recipient’s credibility in the department
  • Only undertake the approved program for which the fund is offered and abide by the rules of the institution
  • Maintain an appropriate study load and achieve satisfactory academic progress in the program for which the fund was offered
  • Participate in all activities associated with the approved course of study, including all lectures and tutorials, submit all work required for the course (e.g. assignments or essays) and sit for examinations (sitting at special exam is not allowed)
  • Agree that their fund may be terminated at any time for failure to make satisfactory academic progress, failure to comply with the laws, misconduct, breaches of the contract between the recipient and the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management.
  • Understand that the fund may be terminated at any time if the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management becomes aware of any behavior or illegal activity undertaken by the recipient prior to accepting their offer of the fund that were not disclosed at the time of application and which would have resulted in the application being rejected had it been disclosed.
  • Be aware that a Debt to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management will be incurred if an recipient fails to fulfill the contract

To become an Abraham Scholar, the candidate must apply to Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at SAUT. After admitted, the student should apply for to be an Abraham scholar.The process of the application can be downloaded here. After commenced as the Abraham scholar, the student should fulfill all the tasks assigned by the department.

Application form for Abraham Scholars Program (Download)


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