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Mwanza Tourism Guide

November 2018
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Mwanza Tourism Guide is a project designed to promote tourism in Lake Zone region, especially Mwanza. The scenic beauty (especially huge rocks  and beautiful beaches on the shore of Lake Victoria), historical sites, and friendly people are tourism assets that have not been fully developed in Mwanza. This project provides brief summary of tourism activities as well as tourism sites available in Lake Zone. Thus it will be helpful for tourists, stakeholders, and anyone interesting in Mwanza.

This project is collaboration between Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Father George Pelz.

Mwanza from Lake Victoria 500x346

Mwanza viewed from Lake Victoria

Mwanza Historical City Tour

Mwanza is renowned with rich history, especially related to German. Many historical buildings were build during colonial period and the city center offers vibrant life of Tanzanian. Read more….

Capri Point Peninsula

Capri Point is a peninsula with spectacular views of Lake Victoria. Restaurants and hotels are built in Capri Point offering not only delicacies and accommodation but also beautiful Lake Victoria. Read more.

Rocks and Beaches in Mwanza

“Rock City” as people in Mwanza claims it and so true. Huge rocks with different shapes and sizes located on both hills and beaches are all around, houses built on top of rocks or just under hanging rocks are common sight. Combined with beautiful beaches, the rocks are magnificently attractive. Read more

Nyegesi: St. Augustine University of Tanzania

Saint Agustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) is the biggest Catholic university in Tanzania and Mwanza is the headquarters. The location is strategic, 30 minitus drive from Mwanza city center, this site offers an experience of how academic tradition in Tanzania is. Read more

Bujora Museum

Bujora Museum offers traditional Sukuma life. Traditional houses, traditional medicine, history of Sukuma subribe, and ancient drums are available here. Read more

Ukerewe Island

Ukerewe Island is the biggest island in Lake Victoria and about 3 hours sail from Mwanza city harbor. The island has unique characteristic compared to other island with its claimed dancing rock. Read more

Bukumbi: History of First Christian Mission

Bukumbi is a perfect choice of historical tour especially concerning history of first Christian mission in both Tanzanian and Ugandan. It gives slight pictures of Tanzanian life before and after Christian introduced in Tanzania. Read more

Kagege: Tracing Slavery in Mwanza

This harbor brings back our memory to Arab traders and slave trade. It witness the cruelty of slave trade in Tanzania. Read more

Butiama: Julius Nyerere Museum

Julies Nyerere is the father of the nation. In his hometown, Butiama, where he is buried, a museum is built as a tribute to his legacy for Tanzania. Account of his life and his journey to be president is displayed in this museum. Read more

Sanaane Island

Saa Nane Island was named after its previous owner, Mzee Saanane Chawandi, a fisherman who turned into a farmer and  later shifted to another island (after being compensated) to pave the way for conservation efforts in the early 1960’s. Read more


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