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Title: Factors affecting local people’s involvement in tourism activities in Mwanza City


This study aims at identifying factors affecting local people’s involvement in tourism activities in Mwanza CityThe research is guided by the theory (model) of Doxey’s Index of Irritation (irridex).The study population includes all tourism stakeholders from Mwanza city, they  are randomly sampled from local community, tour operators and travel agencies, accommodation facilities, tour guides, and government officials. Questionnaires were used to collect primary data. Secondary data was obtained from different sources including SAUT library, Ministry of Tourism publications, tourism journals, tourism brochures, newspapers, secondary school text books and internet materials. Based on the finding of this study, factors affecting local people involvement in tourism activities in Mwanza City includes: lack of education and proper knowledge of tourism attractions, activities, interest and opportunities as well as lack of exposure and awareness about tourism and tourism activities. Other factors are insufficient marketing and promotion strategies of tourism and little focus on domestic tourist; lack of communication skills/ language barriers, lack of capital and poor support from public and private sector. Recommendations from this study is that government should corporate with all tourism stakeholders including local community to take action by planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the measures taken in the community participation in tourism activities in Mwanza and Tanzania at large.


List of articles in Eastern African Journal of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Volume 1 #1 to Volume 3 #2

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