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(By car half day)

One takes Makongoro Road to the north turning to the left just before the airport and drives around the airport near the lake. It is a good gravel road and reaches the large fishing village of Igombe. Then the scenic road winds up and down along the lake to the next large fishing village of Kayenze. Here one could visit the official Fish Landing for Nile Perch which are then transported to the fish factories of Mwanza. Along the beach there are many picturesque and colorful fishing boats. Small sardines [dagaa] are dried on the hot sand.

In 15 minutes, one reaches  Kageye at the end of the road. At the entrance gate, symbols show the former importance of the place. Firstly, as the seat or Residence  of a Local Sukuma Chief; secondly, as a Harbor and Market for Moslem Arab Traders; and thirdly as a Harbor for the Explorers [like Stanley] and Anglican and Catholic missionaries. The local custodian will explain in Swahili the attractions  left over by the chief: his house, graves and grinding stones. A tent made of cement  which commemorates the presence of H.M. Stanley there. In 1875 he went from Kageye around the lake by boat and verified the outflow of the lake into the River Nile.  John Speke had discovered this fact earlier.   Down to the lake is a grave with the inscription “Smith 1875”. According to the custodian it is of an explorer who prepared the expedition of Stanley and died at buy viagra online Kageye. There is also a memorial inscription for servants of Stanley from Zanzibar who died there. They carried Stanley’s metal boat all the way for the coast!

The guide will show the place where Arab traders kept and sold slaves whom they brought by boat from Uganda, Bukoba and Ukerewe. Here they were put in chains for the long walk to Bagmoyo and Zanzibar during which many of them died.

Finally one will see a monument for the British missionaries of the Anglican Church Missionary Society [CMS] who sailed from Kageye to Uganda beginning in 1877 to start the Anglican Church. One of them, John Smith, died in 1977 at Kageye. His grave may have been swallowed by the lake according to the guide. The heads of two beheaded Anglican missionaries killed on Ukerewe Island through an unfortunate misunderstanding may have been buried next to him.

On the other side of this memorial stone viagra online generic the Catholic Missionaries of Africa [White Fathers] are remembered. They also used Kageye beginning in 1879 as their post going to Uganda. One of them, the Canadian Father Clement David of Bujora Parish, later developed Kageye as a historic site in the 1970s up to his untimely death in 1986. From his writings an interesting paper about the history of Kageye is sold by the custodian for Tsh 500.  Unfortunately the place of Kageye  was handed over from the Church to the local district Government which does not maintain the place well. Therefore, the custodian has to ask for a little money for his guided tour. He  can still take you to the nearby beach which is a nice picturesque picnic site. (Fr. George Pelz)


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