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Title: The residents’ perception on the impacts of poaching to the development of tourism in Tanzania: a case study of Serengeti District


There has been a massive loss of wild animal population in Tanzania. The country experiences loss of animals due to illegal killings. Some animals such as elephants go dangerously low population to extent of being extinct. This has been created by poaching activities where animals are illegally killed, over-exploited and illegally traded by killing and selling their parts or as whole. Therefore the study has assessed the residents’ perception on the impact of poaching to the development of tourism industry in Tanzania. Serengeti district was used as a case study. This study is guided by four specific objectives which are to examine residents’ awareness concerning illegal hunting practices and incidents in Serengeti National Park, to identify the impacts of poaching to tourism development, to determine the perceived relationship between poaching and development of tourism in Tanzania, and lastly to suggest the possible measures for tourism development. These objectives are met through answering research questions. This study was both qualitative and quantitative in nature using different methods such as editing, classification, and tabulation. Results show that residents have different perception on the understanding of poaching, as other mention poaching is the killing of wild animals by using different methods such as snares, poison and gun. Other mention that poaching is hunting against laws and without permission from authorized body, and other explain that poaching is illegally taken wildlife from their protected area. Residents are aware of the impact of poaching to tourism development. As they mention that poaching leads to reduction of wild animals, which in turn leads to loss of tourism and foreign currency. Residents also perceives that poaching has negative impact to  the development of tourism industry due to the fact that poaching leads to underdevelopment of tourism industry.


Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine

Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine

Lecturer’s Name : Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine Qualifications : PhD. (Bioresource Production), Kagoshima University, JapanM.Sc. (Agriculture General) Sokoine University...


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