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February 2020
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Students Visit.

Different students and teachers usually from different universities all over the World come to SAUT as part of exchange programs. This is the place where our visitors learn and return back to their home countries with good and amazing experience from our learning processes to the cultural life of all Tanzanians.

Creighton University Summer School Session

A group of Creighton University students and their two lecturers came to SAUT to attend their regular summer school course using the Abraham House of Hospitality. In addition to the regularly scheduled two summer school courses [Church History in Africa and Social Psychology] given by two Creighton University lecturers, there is also a course on Swahili for Foreigners taught by a teacher from the Nyakahoja Elementary School. In addition to the normal morning lectures there were afternoon field trips for cultural exposure as well as an opportunity to practice speak Swahili. The program was for about a month.  There were a pre-test and post-test to determine if the students’ attitudes towards Africa and Africans have changed.  Students were accommodated in the on-campus La Voir Guest House while the lecturers live in the Abraham House of Hospitality.

IVEY Business School Case Method Workshop

For the last three years Senior Undergraduate students from the Ivey Business School at Western University of Ontario in London, Ontario have come during the month of May to conduct a workshop on the Case Method for teaching Business Studies. Students in business related courses voluntarily sign up to attend classes in the late afternoon and evening. Those with high attendance are given a certificate. The best students are nominated for a one semester scholarship to go to the Ivey Business School for the Spring Semester beginning in January. The workshop puts great emphasis on reading the particular case before class and the discussing it. Participation is a pre-requisite for obtaining the certificate.

Lake Zone Investment Forum

During the three days of 13-15 February, 2014, the  Lake Zone Investment Forum was held at the Malaika [means “angel”] Beach Resort Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria close to the airport. Mwanza is considered to be the “Hub” of the region. Fortunately the management of this large hotel asked twenty of  our tourism students to help accommodate the more than 1,000 participants. Read more.

“We all have a role to play in ending the ivory trade” Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Poaching has been a major issue discussed in the media today. Different organizations and countries from all over the world have being involved in the saga.  This discussion on poaching is not on air for the first time but since 1979 there have already a number of different projects promoted by national and international conservation groups on animals. Since the ban of ivory trade in 1989, elephant poaching has been increasing rapidly especially in the last two decades. It is reported that in 2012, some 35,000 African elephants were killed. The same elephants have declined by about 76 percent since 2002 (http://www.clintonfoundation.org site visited on Feb. 24, 2014). Read more….


Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine

Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine

Lecturer’s Name : Dr. BUSUNGU, Constantine Qualifications : PhD. (Bioresource Production), Kagoshima University, JapanM.Sc. (Agriculture General) Sokoine University...


Tourism as a career.



Probiotic Yogurt Project

In 2002, a group from Western University in Canada formed Western Heads East (WHE). Through the research of probiotic bacteria, the organization learned that probiotic...


List of articles in Eastern African Journal of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Volume 1 #1 to Volume 3 #2

(Revised: April 21, 2018) LIST OF ARTICLES IN THE EASTERN AFRICAN JOURNAL OF HOSPITALITY, LEISURE & TOURISM (Revised: April, 2018)   Appendix: CITES Sixteenth...

Exploring Mwanza with SAUT Students and Alumni

Exploring Mwanza with SAUT Students and Alumni

Cruise aboard Lake Victoria The Tourism & Hospitality Management students at SAUT have kindly dedicated their time, despite full course loads and assignments,...