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Students’ research 2013/2014

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Abeid, Rajabu (BScT 26553)

An assessment of the negative impacts of the low tourism season to hotels and local community: a case study of Arusha District

Bulege, Kato (BScT 26555)

The role of tourism in poverty alleviation in Mwanza: a case of Ukerewe District

Ezekiel, Humphrey (BScT 26556)

The role of key tourism stakeholders in supporting eco-tourism: a case study of Meru District- Arusha

Faustine, Paschal (BScT 26557)

The role of secondary school education in increasing students’ awareness of tourism industry: a case study of Musoma district

John, Ewald (BScT 26558)

Contribution of Saanane Island National Park to the growth of tourism in Mwanza City

John, Faustine (BScT 26559)

Factors affecting local people’s involvement in tourism activities in Mwanza City

Lucas, Nicodemas (BScT 26561)

A study of factors that hinder development of domestic tourism in Tanzania: a case of Nyamagana District

Lucumay, Winner (BScT 26562)

Assessment of local community’s awareness on potential tourism opportunities: a case study of Nyamagana District

Lymo, John J. (BScT 26563)

The position of Tanzania travel industry pertaining global changes in the distribution system: Mwanza City case study

Makundi, Sunday (BScT 26564)

The residents’ perception on the impacts of poaching to the development of tourism in Tanzania: a case study of Serengeti District

Taraiya, Thomas (BScT 26566)

Contribution of wildlife tourism to community development: a case study of Longido District


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