The tour takes about 2-3 hours by car)

                 On Makongoro Road in the direction of the airport one passes the Catholic Nyakahoja Church or St. Francis Xavier Parish perhaps the most beautiful church in Mwanza. The friendly Jesuit Fathers will open the church for you in case it happens to be locked.

                Following the lake at Mwaloni one reaches the modern and clean Market of Kirumba with plenty of fish and fruits from the Lake Region. A nice place for an early rest is nearby La Cairo Hotel, not far from the large Kirumba Stadium. Behind Kirumba at Kitangili a simple dirt road climbs up to the Big Rock [“Jiwe Kuu”] with a beautiful view over the lake. On it one finds smaller boulders, on one of which are the mysterious “foot or hand prints” of Mwanamalundi [a kind of witchdoctor] and the imprints of a bao game.

                The next “rock point” is at Bwiru passing through the Bwiru Boys  Secondary School. On the top there is a Memorial which was  built for the many people who died in the M.V. Bukoba Ferry Accident. One  looks  out over the lake to Juma Island where the boat sank in 1996.

                Continuing along the road at Kalemela  there is a tannery factory which can be visited. One moves again to the lake at Tunza Beach with a beautiful clean garden and an African style bar with a large tree in the middle. Some visitors have a swim here.  South Africans run this lodge.

                Further on, the luxurious  Indian run Malaika Beach Hotel is built into the rocks. From the elevated restaurant one has a magnificent view across the lake and also to the airport. 

                At Ilemela one can visit the simple residence [ikulu] of the chief on Mwanza [Ng’anza] George Bagoyele who in 1994 took over the ceremonial role of his father. Wenseslaus Balyahele from 1954-1994 had been the last chief with administrative powers under the British. Three of the chief’s drums are on the veranda of the house, another one is at Bujora. The wife of the late Chief Wenseslas is a graceful old lady! (Fr. George Pelz)

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