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The Hospitality of Abraham Students


My colleagues N. Wiebe, C. Mok, J. Carabott, M. Bradley, G. Bullock and J.P. Belmonte and I participated in service learning course with the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, partnering with St. Augustine University Tanzania (SAUT) in Mwanza to deliver case-based teaching. Before our departure April 28th, 2015 we were very excited to work with students, faculty and professors of SAUT, and to learn more of Tanzania’s culture, history and society.

Upon our arrival at St. Augustine University Tanzania, we were welcomed most graciously by Professor Fr Spillane of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Our living accommodations had been arranged for us to reside in the Abraham House of Hospitality. Named after Abraham, the saint of hospitality, this house is a space for Abraham Hospitality students to develop relevant tourism and hospitality skills. During our short time here, we’ve had the ability to meet Abraham students of the bakery, landscape, interior design and tours divisions of the Tourism and Hospitality Management program. The students are welcoming, friendly and eager to help us adjust to the Saint Augustine University Tanzania campus.

After our first full day of campus orientation, we came home to beautifully prepared crepe dinner with savory and sweet toppings, and fruit salad. Naomi is our head of kitchen; she and the food & beverage team considered our food preferences and dietary restrictions when preparing our lunch and dinner. We were very excited that the students joined us to eat. As a large group of people, we had good food, great conversation, and fellowship which made our night very special. Professor Fr Spillane welcomed us also with wine, beer and whiskey, which we opened and shared together.

It was a fantastic beginning to our month-long stay at St. Augustine University; without the kindness, hospitality and caring nature of the Abraham students, we would’ve had a much difficult time adjusting to this new environment. We look forward to our stay on campus and are very appreciative of how hard the Abraham students and SAUT faculty have worked to make the Abraham house a home away from home.

On behalf of the Ivey School of Business, Professor N. Haggerty and my colleagues, I would like to sincerely thank Fr Thadeus Mkamwa Vice Chancellor, Dr. Andra Negussi Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Fr Mabula Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Ms Dorothy Estate Manager, Mr Godfrey Electrician, Mr Daniel Massawe Head of the Tourism & Hospitality Department, Ms Yeni Murdani of the Tourism & Hospitality Department, Fr Recipius Corporate Council lawyer, Mr Elisha of the LaVoie Guest House, Mr Living Komu Head of the Public Relations Office, Mr Thomas Tariaya SAUT Alumnus, Fr Pius Dean of Students, Mr. Wilfred of the Public Relations Office and Rev. Prof. James J. Spillane, S.J. for making our stay at SAUT a wonderful experience.


M. Schmidt

May 2015

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