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The ideal place to go in order to see the local life of the lake people and to travel twice for three hours on the large lake is the Ukerewe Island to the north of Mwanza. The boat leaves for the island twice a day, at 09 am and 02 pm.


Boat to Ukerewe Island

Large boats sail in the morning at 09:00 am from Mwanza North Port and in the afternoon from Mwaloni, Kirumba. From Ukerewe, you can return in the morning or in the afternoon. To experience the local life and the interior of the island one should stay at least one night at the capital Nansio. A good place to stay is the Monarch Gallu Beach Hotel in Nansio, only about one kilometer from the ferry terminal to the left or to the west. Although a newer and better equipped hotel is located near the main road into the interior of the island, it is far from the lake.

At the Monarch Gallu Hotel one can take a bicycle tour to a village under the banana and orange trees. By taxi or motorcycle taxi one can travel to Halwego Viewpoint, the highest point on the island with rocks and caves. In the very west of the large island, which is about 35 kilometers long, is Rubya Beach Forest, an enormous pine tree forest with a fine wide, white sand beach for safe swimming.

The large Catholic Church of Kagunguli was the first one built by the missionaries in the very beginning of the twentieth century. The nearby Bukindo Chief’s Palace is not well kept.

In front of the Monarch Gallu Hotel one can easily arrange a little tour on the lake in a fishing boat.

For a visit to the neighboring  Ukara Island one would need another day in order to cross to there with a ferry from the north of  Ukerewe. Then it is a troublesome journey on a motorcycle taxi to the famous Dancing Stone on a quiet beach in the north of the island. The large population of Ukara cultivates intensively cassava or manioc fields and engages in fishing. (Fr. George Pelz)